About Us


From running a marathon to crossing the desert in a storm trooper costume, every day people stand up in our community and try to make a difference by supporting charities and causes close to their hearts.

Since 2007, Everyday Hero has been helping these people, thousands of them in fact, to raise over $100 million online for not-for-profits in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Everyday Heroes are the causes in our communities that gather us and drive us to action to create better outcomes, better communities, better people living better lives. This website is a community of ‘messengers’ like you, who relay and advance causes to create positive change.

Getting started with Everyday Hero is easy. Just choose from one of our many charity partners and build an online Supporter page. You can then start using it to inspire others with a story about why you are supporting your charity or cause, post updates, images and videos, tell your social networks and ask others to help you make a real difference...

You can ask anyone to help you by simply sharing the link to your page, through which they can easily sponsor you (and your chosen cause) and leave a message of encouragement. And don’t worry - all donations are processed by Everyday Hero and passed on to the charity you are supporting.

And rest assured, our Support team is always here to help, so if you need assistance with your fundraising page, give them a call on 0800 22 4376 or email info@everydayhero.co.nz.