Kittens without families will spend this Christmas season scared, hungry, and alone.

Will you make a donation today to help SPCA give them love, care and shelter?

It's hard to believe it's that time of the year again. For SPCA, Christmastime means kitten season. We're preparing for an influx of thousands of animals who desperately need our help.

With no family and no one to care for them, countless kittens in New Zealand are facing a life where they are terrified and suffering.

Little kitten Simba very nearly had a tragic end to his short life. Without the security and safety of a home, Simba wandered far in search of a place to take shelter. But suddenly he fell into a river, the cold, rushing water shocking his tiny body.

Simba was lucky to escape just in time. He was brought to SPCA where the team used a hair dryer on his soggy coat, and gave him a hot water bottle to warm him up slowly.  

Simba's story is only the beginning of kitten season, and this year is set to be busier than ever before. Our resources are already stretched to the limit, so  we urgently need your help.

This Christmas it will cost a lot of money to treat and look after every animal that needs us. Our vet bills escalate quickly, and we must bring on more staff and vounteers. For kittens like Simba, this treatment and care is vital. They simply wouldn't survive if not for SPCA and people like you. 

Please donate generously this Christmas to save little kittens like Simba. With your help, they will survive. 

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