Each year, thousands of New Zealand animals are being deliberately harmed, neglected and abandoned.

For over 130 years, the SPCA has been there to rescue animals from these harmful situations, attend animal emergencies and investigate complaints about animal cruelty.

Your gift will help bring animal offenders to justice and ensure that the thousands of animals passing through our 40 animal centres get the love and care they need and deserve.

Your generosity will help us shape how the next generation of New Zealanders treat animals, by funding research into animal welfare issues and supporting our nationwide education programme for children and at-risk youth.

The SPCA is the only charity in New Zealand that can legally enforce the Animal Welfare Act, and without us, there would be no one to rescue and seek justice for animals in need. Yet we are the only enforcement agency that is reliant on the generosity of the community to continue our 'life saving' work as we receive less than 1% government funding.

That’s why your donation to the SPCA matters so much.

We have made it our mission to build a loving New Zealand community where all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

By donating to the SPCA, you can help us make this vision a reality.

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