Give It Up for the Mission!

Last year, we distributed 15,879 food parcels, providing food for a total of 50,972 people for 4 days each. The people we support face big challenges, and together we stand with them to provide practical assistance when it is needed most. 

Choose to give up something you love - whether it’s coffee, chocolate, shopping or something else you enjoy a little too much, and give it up! Then, choose how long you give it up for... the longer you do it the more money you will likely raise.

By giving up something small, the difference you can make is enourmous.

Just follow these easy steps to setup your fundraising page: 

1. Get creative and give something up that you love - Are you a chocolate fanatic, shopaholic or have a passion for puddings?! What amount of time would be a genuine challenge for you?

2. Click on the ‘Start Fundraising’ button on the top right of this page and follow the prompts.

3. Personalise your page by adding a photo and let people know what challenge you are going to be taking on.

4. Share your fundraising page URL with your friends, family and colleagues.

5. Watch the donations come in and makes ure you give it up for as long as you can!

Auckland City Mission

Auckland City Mission stands with those in desperate need to provide immediate relief and pathways to enable long term well-being. Services include crisis care assistance, homeless services, support for isolated elderly, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and health services. Charity Registration Number CC22938.

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