For the SPCA, Summer means kitten season so we’re preparing for an influx of thousands of animals who desperately need our help.

This busy time of the year is already stretching our resources so thin and we urgently need your help again.

Will you please send a gift to help rescue and rehome vulnerable kittens so they don’t have to be frightened and alone this Summer season? Your support makes such a difference.

In the summer SPCA centres can be close to capacity. We have to bring on more team members to help care for the number of animals needing help. The situation gets more urgent every day. There are up to 100 animals every day needing our help.

With so many cats and kittens requiring vet care, our team is spending more on vaccinations, specialist treatment, desexing surgeries, medication and flea and worming.

That’s why donations are so critical this Summer season. The more donations we have, the more resources there are to help these vulnerable animals.

Will you please help the SPCA save the helpless and vulnerable cats and kittens this summer with a donation today?

Your gift will go towards essential vet treatment, providing a warm bed, food to fill their bellies, or giving them a toy to play with – perhaps the first they’ve ever had in their life.

It’s so difficult to watch innocent animals suffer, especially when kindness and generosity abound over the holiday season.

As we enter the New Year, please think not only of your loved ones but also the animals with no one else to love them.

Just a few dollars from you can give them the health, happiness, and caring homes that all animals deserve.

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