Hurting, lost and alone, this sweet ginger cat appeared in someone's laundry one morning.

Rory was tangled up in his own collar, and it had caused a serious, painful wound under his front leg. He was brought to the SPCA for veterinary treatment. 

Even though Rory was wounded, he was still smoochy and very sweet. We have no doubt that this beautiful boy had a family. But what's surprising is they never tried to find him.

Like us, we're sure you are shocked that someone could lose their pet and never go looking for them. But it's something we see almost every day at the SPCA.

That's we're reaching out for your help today. Will you help animals like Rory who are hurting, sick and homeless?

Our vets believe that Rory's injury happened after he tried to pull his collar off, and it got stuck under his leg. Over time, it caused a deep, chafing wound that would have been extremely painful every time Rory walked or moved.

At the SPCA Rory underwent surgery to clip, clean and stich up the wound, and a long course of medication to prevent infection.

He was so lucky he was brought to safety at the SPCA where our team could treat his injury and patiently help him to make a full recovery. After months of treatment, we were so happy Rory was adopted by his foster parent.

Because of people like you, Rory is happy, healed and healthy. Knowing he is safe and loved, and that he'll never be forgotten again  that's what drives us. And I know that's what drives you too.

When Rory needed veterinary treatment, you were there for him. But there are so many other animals who need you too.

Will you help these animals heal and find love?

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