Fiona’s Candle

A young girl named Louise died at the tender age of 14 from ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) over 30 years ago and her Mum, Carolyn, was instrumental in setting up Hospice at North Shore. It was Louise’s sister, Fiona, who designed our remembrance card as part of a fundraising initiative known as ‘Light up a Life Christmas Tree’ in Shore Galleria.

Fiona's design included the candle which represents “lighting up a life” with it nestled in a wreath signifying “remembrance”. This very special card has been the symbol for all of the Hospice Trees of Remembrance on the North Shore for over 25 years.

Louise and Fiona's Mum, Carolyn, had the vision that these trees would one day be in every shopping centre on the North Shore. Now they are in every shopping centre, among other locations, and have become a Christmas tradition on the Shore known as the Hospice Trees of Remembrance.

Each and every remembrance card in this special Shore tradition is treated with the upmost respect.

Once a member of the public has written their message to a loved one who they are unable to spend Christmas with they are then asked to place it on the tree. The cards will remain there until the end of the campaign. They will then be removed from the tree and returned to Hospice.

During the coming months these cards will be cremated allowing the smoke to float skyward. The ash from the candles will be returned to Hospice where the Hospice Chaplin will perform a blessing and prayer as the ash is sprinkled over the Hospice garden. This gives life and nutrients to the plants within the garden for all who work and visit Hospice to enjoy their flowering glory.


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