Show your love in a different way this Valentines Day by holding a "Little Heart Day".  As well as being Valentine's Day February 14th is also International Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Day so we want people to show their love in a more unconventional way and raise money for Heart Kids this year.

Every 14 hours in New Zealand a heart child, like Luna (pictured above), is born with a childhood heart defect - that's 12 new babies and families every week facing a tough journey ahead of them.

By having a Little Heart Day you can help change the lives of these families as they face the daily challenges that come with having a child with a broken heart.  Your kindness will help provide emotional and practical support to these families on this difficult and challenging journey.

We'd love  you to come on board this February 14th - why not approach your kids school or pre-school or you could organise a morning tea at your workplace or even have your friends over for a cupcake and coffee catch up at your place. The possibilities are endless!

A Little Heart Day can be as big or as small as you like:

- Schools can have a mufti day in exchange for a gold coin donation

- you  can get your colleagues to dress in red or heart themed clothes 

- you can bake and sell heart shaped/red tasty treats 

Then share this page with your colleagues and friends to raise even more money for Little Heart Day!

Heart Kids NZ

Heart Kids NZ is the only organisation in New Zealand dedicated to providing lifelong support for all those living with a childhood heart defect.

We Support Kids, Teens, Adults and Families
We Provide Practical and Emotional Support
We Fund Equipment
We Educate
We Inform
We Fund Research
We Listen, We Learn, We Act
We Make a Difference

Heart Kids NZ Inc. Charity Registration CC20102
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