Top Tips!

Asking for money can be challenging in itself – but it doesn’t have to be if you follow our top tips below!

Ask for a specific amount – if your page is aiming for $630, that’s only 10 donations of $63. If people aren’t sure how much to donate, that can put them off! So give them a number. $63 is just a dollar per dolphin, and $5 is just one takeaway coffee!

Make it personal – people are more likely to donate if they know why you are fundraising to save the Māui dolphin. So tell a personal story, let us know why you care. The resources page has an email template and social media posts you can use.

Add a picture – pages with pictures, videos and updates bring in way more donations than those without! Your potential donors will be impressed by the effort you’ve put in. We have put a couple of pictures on the resources page too if you haven't got any of yourself. 

Make that first crucial donation yourself – once you’ve started it becomes a lot easier to raise essential funds for the campaign.  So why not make the first donation to yourself to show people you’re really committed to saving Māui dolphins!

Sharing more means raising more – share your page by email, by Facebook message and on Twitter. 

Thank you! – you can thank people directly when they donate to your page. Sending a personalised thank you message is a great way to make sure people know their donations are appreciated and will encourage other donors.

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