As you read this, SPCA is preparing to file a prosecution against a prolific puppy farm. 

When SPCA arrived at a German Shepherd breeder's property, dozens of adult dogs were found in terrible living conditions. Adult dogs and young puppies were slipping over in their own faeces, tangled in urine-sodden newspaper, and living amongst old food scraps. Some were tethered on short ropes or chains, the ground around them worn from their constant pacing.

In total our SPCA Inspectors rescued 40 German Shepherds from the puppy farm. Some injured, some pregnant, some young puppies... Thanks to your help, these dogs now have happiness. But now we're desperately asking if you'll give them justice. 

The costs for this case will cost SPCA well over $200,000. Will you be the voice for these dogs in court and make an urgent donation today?

This is one of the biggest welfare cases SPCA has ever investigated. When such a large number of dogs and puppies arrive at SPCA, it’s all hands on deck to ensure they get the care they need.

It puts a strain on our already-stretched resources:

• Simply housing 40 dogs arriving at once is a challenge – and can cost SPCA up to $30 per dog, per day.

• Each month they eat an incredible 246kg of dog food combined.

• Each German Shepherd needed multiple veterinary appointments and vaccinations.

• For a dog requiring surgery or medication, some vet bills can cost thousands of dollars.

• And because German Shepherds are such energetic, intelligent dogs, we required extra staff and volunteers to assist with their exercise and training.

SPCA Inspectors have been working on this investigation for over a year now. They have executed a search warrant, searched through multiple boxes of evidence, interviewed families who bought dogs from this breeder, and prepared a prosecution file. 

Any day now, SPCA will officially hand this file to the courts and file dozens of charges against this breeder under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. 

Will you please make a donation to help care for these dogs and bring their previous owner to court? These dogs won't have a voice without you.


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