No animal should be abandoned and alone this winter. Will you donate today to help save them from the cold? 

Running from shop to shop, trying to find someone to help... but everything was closed. Little Dingo was alone, tired, and freezing cold. When someone finally found him, he was so weak he could barely stand. 

SPCA Inspector Jill will never forget the Sunday that Dingo was found, wet and shivering. 

"Dingo had been abandoned in a carpark. All the shops had closed for the weekend and there was nobody around. He was malnourished, cold, and could barely stand - let alone walk."

"He was such a shivery little puppy. He felt the cold terribly." 

As temperatures drop, Jill goes to bed worrying about all the animals just like Dingo, who are out on the streets.

With no one to protect them from the bitter cold, abandoned animals like Dingo are suffering terribly. 

Our team is working hard to rescue animals who have been abandoned in this cold weather. This winter we need more support than ever to give animals the love, care, and shelter they deserve.

Will you wrap an animal in kindness this winter by donating today?

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