Join teams from around the country for the Avis Budget Cure Kids 1000 for Red Nose Day 2019. 

Avis Budget Group has created a fun-filled 1000km charity car rally. You’ll drive in convoy through the stunning North Canterbury back roads, taking in the spectacular scenery and stay overnight in Hanmer Springs. 


The Avis Budget Group Cure Kids 1000 will hit the road on Red Nose Day, the 27th of September 2019 from Peppers Clearwater Resort in Christchurch and circle back on September 28th.

Major sponsors of this event, Peppers Clearwater Resort will host the event awards and charity auction where you, your team and guests can celebrate your fantastic achievement for Cure Kids. 


A one off entry fee of $100 per person (four people per team max) secures your spot in the event. The entry fee will go towards your accommodation, meals, and activities.

The fundraising target per person, per team is $500. Setting up your team Everyday Hero page by clicking the fundraising button on this page, and getting your car sponsored will help you smash this goal.

All funds raised through the event will go towards vital child mental health research in the Canterbury region aimed at helping our young people and their families thrive. 

Cure Kids

Cure Kids is driven to find cures for serious illnesses that affect many of our children.

How do we do it? We focus on raising funds so that vital medical research can continue until our researchers find the cures our kids need. Put simply, we fund the cures, they find the cures.

We’re searching for cures for, among others, childhood leukaemia and other cancers, heart diseases, cystic fibrosis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SUDI), Type 1 diabetes, mental health conditions and asthma. These conditions mean children often miss out on a normal childhood and have to learn far too early in life how to fight to survive.

Established by Rotary in 1971 as the Child Health Research Foundation, so far we’ve invested more than $40 million in research. We have achieved breakthroughs that have saved, improved and extended the lives of kids here and around the world. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. But the work has only just begun.

The devastating earthquake that occurred in Christchurch, eight years ago, resulted in significant social and financial disruptions for many families.

In 2016, 36% of parents reported that they are ‘still seeing the effects of the earthquakes on their children’s wellbeing’ and 30% report that children are ‘anxious and clingy’.

Given these findings, money raised through the Avis Budget Group Cure Kids 1000 will help fund an innovative new project led by Professor Sally Merry (Cure Kids Chair of Child and Adolescent Mental Health). Kakano is a digital resource designed in consultation with Christchurch parents and key community stakeholders.

It is an online programme to support parents of 5 to 12-year olds to use best evidence interventions to manage children’s stressful emotions and provides parents with engaging information and skills to support their children.

Professor Sally Merry and her team, by creating digital apps are helping to democratise access to therapies and treatment. This could have profound and far reaching impacts for young children who are struggling every day.

Read more about Professor Sally Merry's work: https://bit.ly/2Vds187

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