Jack was in a sickening state when arrived at our hospital at just 4 weeks old.

Jack’s mother had not been desexed – a huge problem in Auckland. When she gave birth to Jack and his 7 brothers and sisters, their owner surrendered them to SPCA Auckland.  They were simply unprepared and unable to care for the kittens - something easily avoided by desexing.

When Jack arrived at the hospital he was so vulnerable.  Weighing only 270g, he fit in the palm of our nurses hand. In his first few days he slowly gained weight, but soon began to show signs of cat flu.

For such a young kitten flu can be fatal. Their runny noses block up and they lose their sense of smell. For kittens living on the street that have no one to care for them this is fatal. When they are unable to smell food, they stop eating, and slowly they starve to death.

Luckily for Jack he was in good hands. Our vet prescribed antibiotics for his flu, and he was sent out to foster care to give him time to recover. While out at foster care Jack’s flu worsened and he stopped eating. Jack had to be hand fed and given special steam baths to help clear out his nose. The love, care and time our Foster Parents put in saves the lives of so many sick and abandoned animals every year.

After almost a month out at foster Jack had recovered from his flu, however when he returned to our hospital, vets noticed irritation on his eye from a turned-in eyelid. We performed surgery to fix his eye, and Jack stayed in our hospital ward while staff closely monitored his recovery. This surgery would not have been possible without the support of our kind donors, thank you to everyone who has supported our life saving hospital services in the past.

Sadly post-op complications meant that despite their best efforts, Jack required further surgery and his eye had to be removed.

Despite this incredibly hard start in life Jack is still an affectionate and playful kitten. 

Sadly Jack’s story is all too common here at SPCA Auckland. We see thousands of unwanted cats and kittens coming in to our hospital each year. This is the result of undesexed cats - both stray and owned - left to breed, and then owners not prepared to care for them once the kittens arrive.

The good news is that thanks to supporters like you Jack was given a second chance, and has now found a loving new home. Your donation will help us to ensure desexing is undertaken for all animals who come into our care. Please, donate now.

SPCA Auckland

Our mission is to encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty being inflicted upon them. We do everything we can to ensure that all animals in the Auckland region are being looked after. We want everyone in our area to know how to look after their animals and give them the love and respect they deserve. SPCA Auckland Inc is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC36223.

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