As one of Cure Kids associate partners for 2017, we are proud to be doing our part to help raise funds for vital medical research.

If you are travelling through Auckland International Airport, make sure to get rid of any spare change you may have left over from your travels at the donation boxes in-store at The Loop Duty Free sales counters.

If you don’t have any travel plans, you can still help out by donating here!

Thanks so much for your donation, The Loop Duty Free NZ.

Cure Kids

Cure Kids is driven to find cures for serious illnesses that affect many of our children.

How do we do it? We focus on raising funds so that vital medical research can continue until our researchers find the cures our kids need. Put simply, we fund the cures, they find the cures.

We’re searching for cures for, among others, childhood leukaemia and other cancers, heart diseases, cystic fibrosis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SUDI), Type 1 diabetes, mental health conditions and asthma. These conditions mean children often miss out on a normal childhood and have to learn far too early in life how to fight to survive.

Established by Rotary in 1971 as the Child Health Research Foundation, so far we’ve invested more than $38 million in research. We have achieved breakthroughs that have saved, improved and extended the lives of kids here and around the world. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. But the work has only just begun.

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