Cure Kids are proud to be the official charity of the Loaded Tough Guy & Gal Challenge 2018! 

The Tough Guy & Gal Challenge is New Zealand’s biggest mud run series. The 6km or 12km courses are designed to get participants muddy while completing awesome obstacles including mud pits, net climbs, barb wire crawls, swamp crossings, climbing frames and tunnels. 

Last year Tough Guy & Gal participants raised almost $40,000 for Cure Kids. Our goal is to hit $50,000 this year, but to do that we need your help. 

The money raised will contribute to incredible research across a range of health conditions, including cystic fibrosis, cot death (SUDI), stillbirth, child cancer, rheumatic heart disease, asthma, inherited heart conditions and mental health conditions, among others. Find out more about the research we’re funding here

Whether you are new to the Tough Guy & Gal Challenge or a repeat offender – we look forward to seeing you cross the finish line!

114 heroes fundraising today.

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